Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lately in Kindergarten...

The year is winding down, but we're still busy in Room 105.  The dreaded End of Grades tests are right around the corner, and even though our students don't have to take them, they feel the effects!  We don't have specials for a whole week and are busy brainstorming activities to fill in the gaps of time.  We're going to decorate t shirts for field day, but other than that-- my mind is blank!  

Recently I added a new item to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store-- It's a bunch of centers all wrapped into one "Calendar, Graphing, and Time" pack.  These are our end of the year topics and I felt that my students needed a little more practice with these concepts.  Here are some samples from the pack--

We also made these "Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow Wheels" to practice the days of the week.  My kids do a fabulous job of naming the days of the week, but are less than fabulous when it comes to "What is yesterday...?"  These wheels allow them to practice at home- and they're adorable. I got the idea here.

We've also been preparing for Mother's Day and planted some flowers for our Mother's Day Spa --

And last-- I thought I'd share a picture of my "Writers & Readers Wall."  This year, we've really been pushing kid-friendly objectives.  So, when we learn a concept, I try and post the objective on our wall so my students can refer to it when they need help.  It has especially been helpful during writer's workshop.  Students can look at the Writer's Wall to make sure they have included punctuation, colors in the drawing, etc.  Some of the resources I hang come from TpT sellers and other educational bloggers and I create some myself.