Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flea Market Finds...

I've been dying to go to the Raleigh Flea Market ever since we moved here ... I just never seemed to squeeze it in on those busy weekends.  This past Sunday I woke up and decided I would give it a try.  I left the state fairgrounds that day with some great purchases & with a few thoughts...

1.  Why do I spend so much time searching HomeGoods and TJMaxx for great deals?
2.  Why have I never been here before?
3.  I CAN do this bargaining with vendors thing.
4.  I can bring my dog!?

I snagged a few good buys at the market:
-3 stamped spoon herb labels (I made up that name)
-A fabulous mirror ... The sellers wanted $45 for it but I walked away with it for 30 bucks...   PROUD LADY RIGHT HERE.
-A distressed picture frame (That I will save for my guest bedroom summer remodel)

Here's a pic of the mirror and the frame ... Charlie couldn't help but jump in and pose:

And here are the herb labels: ($1 each!)

I knew I wanted to save the frame for when I re-vamp the guest bedroom this summer, but I had to get my hands on that mirror right away.  I headed to the local ACE Hardware to pick up some paint.  I ended up with two colors: Benjamin Moore's Ocean Breeze Paint & Krylon's Clue Ocean Breeze Spray paint.  Given the shape of the mirror, I wasn't sure which one would work best.  I did a small sampling of each and ended up using the Benjamin Moore paint with a sheer dusting of the spray paint over it.

So, I sweat my booty off in the North Carolina sun while taping, taping, and taping over the mirror area.  I used some paper to slide under the frame of the mirror, rather than having to tape it perfectly.  I know it looks less than fabulous, but it did the trick!  I'm not known for my neat-ness when doing a project.

The painting was the quickest part of the project.  I'd say it only took me 15 minutes to put both coats on ... I think the sun helped the drying process a little bit.  And oh yeah ... I got adventurous and grabbed a white picture frame from my living room and threw it in the mix. I've been trying to get more pops of color into our rather neutral home ... One step at a time!

Now came the hardest part ... waiting to rip that stuff off.  As a Kindergarten teacher, I practice my patience daily, but nothing tests me more than waiting for paint to dry.  It was worth it though, because I am IN LOVE with the finished product.  We have an extremely bare wall in our living room ever since we moved our TV and I hope to share the mirror hanging with the rest of my wall decor soon!  

Here's the frame finished & back in it's rightful spot... I love the splash of color it gives.

And because I had a little extra spray paint leftover and I tend to get carried away sometimes... I went ahead and spray painted our plastic patio furniture end tables.  They were a dull tan color before and actually had quite a bit of paint on them from my previous projects.  I know they're bold, but I love the color it brings to our back patio!  It brings out the blues in the two Lake Erie/Presque Isle pillows my Aunt Wendy bought us for a wedding present last year.  Also, my mother in law is sending some coral/red pillows our way that match the umbrella perfectly ... Should complete the look.

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