Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few Freebies For You...

     I started selling on Teachers Pay Teachers in January and have been amazed 1.) How many things are available for free and to purchase on the site & 2.) How many people have supported and purchased my products.  The TpT community is fabulous.  Recently I read the article about how some teachers are against selling products to make a profit for yourself.  The idea being that people have been sharing with each other for years without a market to sell and have been doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Also, some argue that as teachers, we should be willing to share our materials to contribute to student success.  Both are opinions that I can understand and respect, but in the year 2012, things have changed.  Teachers in North Carolina are going on their 5th year without a raise, meaning some people who are tenured teachers are being paid as teachers with 0 years of experience.  Money is cut all of the time from different areas and teachers are not compensated for their time on committees or extra work completed.  So, for us teachers missing that climb up the NC salary chart, Teachers Pay Teachers has been a lifesaver.  The yankee in me is about to come out, so I apologize, but teachers work their asses off and deserve to be compensated for it.  If Pearson comes out with a new textbook or resource, they don't share it with me for free ... I have to buy it, and usually with my own money.  If SAS comes out with a new fabulous piece of educational software, they don't let me borrow it in hopes that it boosts the achievement in my class.  It's the world we live in: people are paid for the work they do.  If you are someone who creates activities, materials, and lessons for your class, JOIN TpT TODAY!  You have nothing to lose and it's about time you felt some credit for your hard work.

One more note-- teachers who sell their materials DO provide resources for free... Like these two :)  ENJOY!  And thanks to all of you sellers out there who have given me hundreds of amazing "freebies."

You can grab it HERE.


You can grab it HERE.

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