Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spicing Up Our Entrance...

Our entrance was looking pretty drab, but had great potential, so Sam and I have been putting our energy into it lately.  We started with building a coat rack using a piece of wood from Lowe's, some silver hooks, and a can of spray paint.  Throw in a handy neighbor to cut the piece perfectly, and you've got yourself a project...
and a little extra change in your pocket!  

Naturally, I couldn't just stop at the coat rack.  

So I headed to Michaels and rounded up some frames, scrapbook paper, and some neat little bronze keys for decoration.  And here's how they were made:

-Cheap Michael's wooden frames, spraypainted
-The "804" is made from scrapbook letters
-The damask print is scrapbook paper
-The "L" was made with a brown paint pen

-Inside pattern:  I copied and pasted an image of a pattern I liked in a Word document over and over.  You just have to be careful about how the edges of each picture match up.  Honestly, it took about five minutes from opening up the document to holding the piece of paper in my hand.  This is a GREAT way to create your own "scrapbook" paper.  I always find it so hard to find the right piece at the store...Problem solved.
-The "Welcome" was done free-hand with a paint pen, but if you're not as steady with the pen, just print out a font you like and trace over it with the paint pen.


Last Week's Entrance Project:
*life is good* photo wall
We picked up the photo ledges at Ikea during a trip to Charlotte and weren't really sure how we were going to use them.  We have in our house what Sam calls "frame overload" ... so we needed to control them all in one space!  The best part-- only half of the frames used were actually purchased for the project...All of the other ones were laying around the house or in closets.  It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to things.  Once again, I used scrapbook paper to back some of the pictures to add a little more life to the frame.


*This used to be in our bathroom and I loved looking at it every day.  When we made the photo shelves, it found a new home...And I love it.  
To all of you teachers out there- always remember, even when you come home with glue in your hair, EXPO markers on your pants, and you are dying for your afternoon cup of coffee (because it's necessary most days)... LIFE.IS.GOOD. :)

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