Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Things First...

In a world where there is a blog for everything, why create one!? Well, for starters, I'm beginning to feel a little guilty for "blog-borrowing" everything. So this is my effort to start sharing what I bring to the table in the creative world. If I'm trying to think of an activity for my classroom or a new DIY project for my house, my first step is to search the blogs (Work smarter, not harder, right!?) It's about time I start giving back...
I teach Kindergarten and although I cannot credit myself with the copyright of even half of what goes on in my classroom, I CAN think up some damn good, super cute ideas...and even follow some of them through! :) But who wants to read a blog all about teaching? Thanks to my in-your-face Italian family headed by the cutest grandma you'd ever meet, I grew up learning to cook and actually love to be in the kitchen...It's where I'm most comfortable.
The decorating piece of the puzzle is where I'm really trying to channel my inner martha-stewart. My husband, Sam, and I bought our first house last June and ever since, we have been decorating our way into making it HOME.

So ... My goal is to blog about the creative outlets of my everyday life that I *think* people would want to steal and try on their own. And to give Momma Kell a little peek at my life in North Carolina. :)

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