Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Kinder Happenings...

Fall Weather Walk Wreaths

We are studying weather in Science and the weather has FINALLY changed in North Carolina.  I've had this Fall "weather walk" on my plans for weeks, but my students kept reminding me that the leaves were still green on the trees ... and they were still coming in sweating after recess, so I figured it had to be put off for a few weeks.

First we went outside and searched for Fall findings.  Luckily, out school has a great campus with lots of trees and paths through the woods.  Each student had a brown bag to collect their Fall items in.

Then, the following week in centers, I let the kids dump out their bags and create a fall wreath.  I created the wreath by cutting out the center of a paper plate. 

First, the kids got to choose fall-colored paints to paint the background of their wreath.  Then, using liquid glue, they chose the items from their bag and created a wreath.  My wonderful Teaching Assistant (pictured above with the kids) operated the hot glue gun if it was needed for larger items like pine cones.

We displayed the fall wreaths outside our classroom and the kids can't wait to bring them home and share with their families.  Although we didn't link this activity to literacy, it was a great activity for seasons, weather, and even ORGANIZATION!  Yes, we all know it's hard for those Kindergarten kids to collect things, save them, and organize them to use. :)

Pattern Ice Cream Cones
OK, so it's not "Fall-Related" but it's too cute not to post.  Ways to differentiate: Have lower level students create a pattern that matches yours OR give them the ice cream scoops and have them create the pattern.  Higher level: They choose their own colors and have to come up with a longer, more complex pattern.  Higher level kids also have to label theirs with letters.  Let me know if you want the template!

Owl Craft


  1. Ashley, I found your blog today and I really love it! As a teacher who also cooks and enjoys good food, how can I resist a site like this? :) You're showing some nice ideas on the blog - I especially like the gingerbread men on your December door, and the ice cream patterns. I like to have my kids practice the concept of top, middle and bottom using an ice cream cone with 3 scoops, so of course your ice cream patterns really caught my attention! I'm looking forward to hearing more from your blog. I'd like to give you the Versatile Bloger Award. You can retrieve details from a recent post on my own blog. Have a nice day!


  2. Thanks Sharon!! What a fun honor. I will now be following your blog. :)